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U2 releases acoustic version of 'You're The Best Thing About Me'

@U2, September 28, 2017
By: Matt McGee


iTunes promo for acoustic "Best Thing"

U2 and Universal Music can't be accused of not trying hard enough to market "You're The Best Thing About Me." U2's new single is being released again Friday, this time in an acoustic version. Here in the US, it's early Friday morning on the east coast and the song is available now on both our iTunes Music Store and Spotify (and likely other music services worldwide, too).

This new version runs 3:47 and is kinda similar to the live acoustic version that the band performed last week in San Diego, albeit with some additional choir-like backing vocals, hand-clapping that serves as percussion and other studio additions.

This is at least the fourth version of the song that's been released in one form or another. There was the original single that came out back on September 6; Universal simultaneously released a Sci-Fi Soul Mix to radio stations that you can hear here. A third version, Kygo's remix, was released on September 15. And now we have an acoustic version, too, as the fourth "Best Thing." (Did we miss anything while the crew was in San Diego last week?)

On the video side, there are three versions we know about: the lyric video from September 6, Kygo's remix/interview combo video and the New York City tourist-like video that U2 released earlier this week. We still haven't seen any of the footage that was shot at U2's Amsterdam concerts in July, so it'll be no surprise if there's another "Best Thing" video still to come.

(Thx to Duncan A. for pointing it out to us on Twitter.)

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