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@U2 QOM June 2012: Best time to hear U2?

What is the very best time, place or situation to hear a U2 song?

@U2, July 09, 2012


(Each month, @U2 puts a spotlight on U2 fans with our "Question of the Month." We pose a question to our readers and invite answers of 200 words or less. If you're interested in taking part, check our home page to see if the current question is still open. If not, check back shortly after the beginning of next month and we'll have another question ready to be answered!)


@U2 Question of the MonthChris Saari: When I'm hiking the last few minutes required to get to the top of a mountain. My heart is beating because my body is pushing itself to climb those last few feet of earth. After getting to the top, I feel so close to mother nature because I can look down at her in all directions (360°). When my iPod Shuffle plays a U2 song during this experience, it elevates my senses to an even higher level. It's magnificent!

Patty Abrantes: The best situation to hear a U2 song is when I need some uplifting spirits with "Beautiful Day"; I also used to have it as my alarm song to get me up every morning…

Paul Murphy: Because the experience of being at a concert and being with fellow U2 fans is greater than any individual song, I would say the best place to hear a U2 song is at a U2 concert. However, the question is a bit unfair as a lot depends on the song. "Vertigo" – when you are on a run, working out or riding your bicycle. "Where The Streets Have No Name" – when driving across Death Valley in a convertible. "40" – when chilling out at home or by the pool. Etc.

John Goessens: On my bike, going to the office. Sometimes a ballad and calm, sometimes wild. A great way to start a beautiful day!

Katrina Carmichael: Stuck in traffic, going for a drive with the windows down, on a long flight, working out at the gym, at the office making it easier to get work done, at home while on the forum, after receiving bad news, or good news, getting ready to go out to a party, lounging out in the sun, going for a walk along the beach, doing housework There is always much need to hear a U2 song on a daily basis…

Allie McClaskey: In the complete dark through headphones: no sounds or visuals are disrupting or influencing your experience of the song or the emotions it evokes in you. You can picture yourself standing in the desert where the streets have no name, or you can witness a man trying to throw his arms around the world; or, you can close your eyes and simply be moved.

Jon Olson: Barcelona, Camp Nou, Vertigo tour, Edge's birthday.

Thera en Walter: I can listen to U2 24/7. It is great to hear them when I wake up. The very first sound in the morning. On my way to work, they brighten my day. On the central radio at my office they surprise me, because they come out of the blue. When I go home after a long day in the office they are my relaxtherapy and I love to hear them before I go to sleep. Thanks to them my dreams are sweet.

Jonelle Verdugo: Very best time, place, situation to hear a U2 song: at a U2 concert.

Brandon Roy: My personal thought is that the perfect time to listen to a song would be listening to "City Of Blinding Lights" while entering New York City late at night. Maybe it wouldn't turn out as great as I imagine, but that's always how I see the song.

Mohammad Masad: U2 sounds good all the time, and in most situations , but if I had to say, I find myself enjoying U2 the most when riding the bus home from university at the end of the day, it kinda washes away anything bad I experienced that day :)

Kim: Well, when my daughter's university was 4 hours away (8hrs round trip), I would pack up the car for the long drive to visit her, with my U2 CD collection - in chronological order, ready go. Grab a hot beverage from the local coffee shop and "hit the road" at 6am sharp! On the open highway with no one on it, watching the sunrise, listening to U2 (myself) is the ultimate HIGH! Somehow, it puts you in a completely different world. The spiritual journey begins! With the volume blasting, the appreciation of their music, every thing is much more intense – your heart aches, palms sweaty and your mind – wanders. As the sun starts to shine bright – I'm wide awake and ready to face the beautiful day ahead. Over the course of the morning trip, I have listened to 5 or 6 CD's feeling happier, stronger and more aware. When I arrive safely, my daughter knows that Bono put me in the mood! I can deal with anything thrown at me. One thing for me is U2 has completely changed my way of thinking and seeing the world around me.

Regis Webb: For me it's loading up my Rockford Fosgate, spinning me around 360°, remembering this was some of the best times of my life. Nothing's better than that!

Brendan Burkett: Sadly or awesomely, maybe both, the best time for me is usually the happiest and worst moments. Completely polarised. There is usually a mood that goes with the music/lyric that fit just the way I am feeling. Uplifting in all cases.

Michelle Llewellyn: "It's the car, right? Chicks dig the car." I fell in love with U2 in my car. The first U2 album I ever bought (All That You Can't Leave Behind) spent three weeks in my car's CD player. "Window In The Skies", "Get On Your Boots", "Vertigo" all debuted on my favorite local radio station - just when I happened to be in the car. And nothing beats singing along with Bono behind the steering wheel, except for the strange looks I get on the freeway.

Leanne Schneider: ANY time EVERY place and ALL situations! U2's music makes me happy when I am sad and happier when I am already happy. It doesn't matter when or where I hear their songs… It will transform that place and that moment into a great one.

April Saleigh: The best time to hear a U2 song? When you're least expecting it. When you've been so busy with work and life that you forget to listen to U2, to music in general. And I mean really listen. When you're at the grocery store, thinking about a hundred different things, and all of a sudden you hear that intro you know so well (heck, you know them all so well), and it penetrates your thoughts, and damn it if the song doesn't remind you of better times. And suddenly things don't seem so stressful, and life seems that much brighter, and you go about gathering your groceries with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face, humming along with the song.

(c) @U2/individual contributors above, 2012.

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