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"There's always room in rock 'n' roll for some stuff to start happening at a grassroots level, and the most interesting stuff seems to start there."

-- Edge

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@U2 QOM April 2012: I would love it if U2…

@U2, May 02, 2012


(Each month, @U2 puts a spotlight on U2 fans with our "Question of the Month." We pose a question to our readers and invite answers of 200 words or less. If you're interested in taking part, check our home page to see if the current question is still open. If not, check back shortly after the beginning of next month and we'll have another question ready to be answered!)


@U2 Question of the MonthRick LeBlanc: U2 toured more! Especially in Boston. Oh and make like Wayne Newton, ugh dare I say Celine and Cher.... park yourself in Vegas for a month!

Matthew Middendorf: I wish U2 would put out and album of live cover songs. The ones I've heard are killer. I'd like to hear more.

Katrina Carmichael: I would love it if U2 would stop worrying about irrelevance and keep in mind that Bono's voice, the band's sound, their songs and the passion is still very relevant.

I would love it if U2 would create another masterpiece album without taking a new direction with the style of their music. It seems just a matter of deep reflection into "sentiment" and a realization of what exactly has been the maintainer of U2 relevancy over the years!

I just want them to get in the studio and let their incredible talent take its course and create another masterpiece!

Kevin Orr: I wish U2 would be guests on American Idol.

John Forst Release the unseen footage from Rattle And Hum. Make the Tempe and Denver concerts available on audio and video.

Scott Terrell: I would love it if U2 would visit me at my house and have dinner with my family and I. Cool. ;)

Kevin Brearey: I am a long-time reader of @U2 but I generally don't participate in forums (other than lurking) because I don't always feel I have much to add to the discussion. However, with this month's question of the month, I feel compelled to respond. "I would love if U2 would..." opens the door to many possibilities whether they be wish lists of songs fans would love the band to play at their concerts, or special edition releases of albums that have not yet been released (in the same vein as the recent Achtung Baby release. My wish, however, is more toward the band's extracurricular political activities.

I understand the band has always been political and I can appreciate the worthiness of their causes. However, I feel these politics have really taken more of a front seat as of late in their concerts and it is getting in the way of the enjoyability of their shows. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, but I really feel the politics are more of a distraction now than an enhancement as they were in the Achtung Baby/ZooTV days.

I think the band has made their point with their political views. Everyone knows how Bono feels about Africa and the importance of helping the people living there. I am completely in favor of him and the band continuing these activities. I just wish they would keep it out of their shows. I would love for them to do a more stripped-down concert that is not the multi-media extravaganza they continue to trek out, laden with the political and social views of the band members. I would rather the band focus on the music and put on a good concert just showcasing the band and the songs. Make the information about their favorite causes available in the concourses of the venues at which these shows are staged. Make it available to the people who are interested in that sort of thing, don't beat the fans over the head with it.

I'd be a happy man if the band can just face the fact that they will never top the ZooTV experience, and discontinue trying to recreate/top it. That was the pinnacle of the audio/visual concert experience for me and, I feel, for the band. Let's just have a show with very minimal lighting and effects where the band just comes out and plays their songs and allows those great songs to be the stars of the show. No frills; no politics.

Luis Miranda: … get off the grid.

Gustav Rydström: I would love it if U2 fans all over the world told Bono to become more physically active and to get a new haircut. =)

Brandon Roy: I would love it if U2 played "Acrobat" live. It's about time.

Luciano Nogueira: I would love it if U2 take the 360º stage on different design, like something post-apocalyptic with structure that survived from some kind of nuclear attack. New songs and new environment with new gas to me (a fan) and to the dirty world.

Erin Sutera:Would come make my dream come true and perform at my birthday party. My bday is in July.

Joey Visser: I would love it if U2 came up with a vote system for every concert. Only people who live in the country where the concert will be performed would have access to the voting system. I think every country has it own specific lovely song ("One Tree Hill" for NZ for example), and it would be great if "Hawkmoon 269" would come back to Amsterdam!

Barb Macey: I would love it if U2 made a Christmas album, with songs written by them.

Fred Gliddon: - pursued the Songs of Ascent project.
- worked out a deal with XM/Sirius for a U2 (all U2 or at least influenced by U2 ) satellite radio station.
- did a Rock Band video game.
- never dabbled on Broadway or in movie soundtracks again.
- did MTV (are they still on the air?) Unplugged.
- never took a show the size of U2360 into an indoor arena with poor acoustics (like the Georgia Dome) again.
- went back to the All That You Can't Leave Behind styleshow for their next tour.

Anna: Would come to Chrysler Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan after they release their next album. The sooner, the better!

Jack: I would love it if U2...gave original Propaganda members extra special perks. (I am member #714.)

Els Bodifee: I would love it if U2 would… finally release a new album!

Patrick O’Neill: I would love it if U2… Did an indoor concert tour where in advance they conduct a fan poll of what songs should be played at the concert (I wouldn’t mind hearing "A Day Without Me" again live). They have such a great list of songs over the past 30 years and many loyal fans who followed them every step of the way (me), and some that they lost along the way (my brother). This would be a great "Thank You" from U2 and would bring old and new fans together for one the best nights of their lives. It would also take a lot of pressure of the band trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work with their early fans and newer ones. Just let U2 do what they do best… Play their music live, and entertain their fans (no real need for an over-the-top stage). This would allow U2 relax and enjoy the reaction of the fans for an unforgettable tour.

Jane Pruett: I would love it if U2 could have dinner at our home, humble as it is, but it would be a trip. Maybe throw a salmon on the grill.

Traci Pollard: I’d love it if U2 released an album already!

I waited patiently for The Boys
They reclined and said they'd try
I began to fear that they had quit
But they began to play.

I want to sing… sing some new songs.
I want to sing… sing some new songs.

How long, to hear some new songs?
How long, to hear some new songs?
How long? How long? How long? How long?
To hear some new songs.

They put their hearts into rock,
and made my fire burn.
Many will see.
Many will see and hear.

Bono please…
Sing some new songs.
Bono please… sing some new songs songs.

How long, how long, how long, how long
To hear some new songs?

(c) @U2/individual contributors above, 2012.

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