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U2 Performs 'Invisible' Twice For Small Crowd on 'Top of the Rock'

@U2, February 16, 2014
By: Matt McGee


As we reported earlier, U2 did indeed give a free concert late this afternoon at "Top of the Rock" -- the upper observation deck on top of NBC's 30 Rock headquarters in New York City.

It was a short concert and only involved one song -- "Invisible," which U2 performed twice, presumably as a dress rehearsal for the band's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday. Our sources/readers who were invited to the performance via tell us that the Rutgers Marching Band accompanied U2 during both takes of "Invisible."

We're told that there were about 100 fans invited to watch the band play up close, although a larger crowd gathered at the separate observation deck a little below Top of the Rock.

U2 is set to be the first musical guest on the new Tonight Show tomorrow (Monday, February 17) -- Fallon's first as host. The show is due to begin at Midnight (ET/PT) Monday night -- a little later than normal due to NBC's Olympics coverage. Check your local TV listings to be sure.

We should also mention that the entire band also took part in a discussion about Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom earlier Sunday at the Directors Guild of America theater in New York City. We believe the event was hosted by New York Women in Film and TV.

UPDATE: We've since heard from two other readers that were in attendance Sunday. One spoke with the crew and found out that the performance today was videotaped in the event that tomorrow's weather is bad. If tomorrow's weather is good enough, the plan is for U2 to do a second song. (Ed. note: likely "Ordinary Love.") Another reader tells us that Sunday invitees have been invited back for Monday's performance because of "technical issues" with monitors and sound and the hope is for a "better overall experience" on Monday. We haven't seen this email, so we can't confirm these details. Our sources/readers who were on the observation deck with U2 didn't report any technical problems.

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