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The final mark of greatness, I think, is emptiness. The least you need. That is true of music, painting, of anything. -- Bono

@U2 Originals: December 2017


In the December edition of @U2 Originals, feel how Songs of Experience touched our staff and learn about the mechanics of the ticket fiasco for their latest tour. Plus, learn about Edge the Photographer in a first-hand walk-through of his Joshua Tree exhibit with his wife.

Our Songs of Experience coverage is here:

  • Sherry Lawrence explored the refugee connections on the album.
  • David Whitt hosted an SOE listening party for his students. Their reactions may surprise you.
  • Mason Merritt gave us a glimpse into the diversity of producers that helped create the album.
  • Sherry Lawrence reflected on Bono's soul searching as she listened to the new album at Christmastime.
  • Steve Lawrence offered a technical look at the recent ticket-buying experience.
  • Members of the atu2 team shared their initial reactions to the album in a group review.

In addition, the @U2 Podcast featured these episodes:

Tassoula E. Kokkoris also interivewed Morleigh Steinberg during a personal walk-through of The Edge's photo exhibit.

Feel free to leave feedback for our team over at the atu2 Forum (which is open again) or directly with the authors/voices featured.