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"We chose the name U2 to be ambiguous, to stay away from categorization."

-- Bono

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@U2 Originals: August 2017

@U2, September 04, 2017
By: Karen Lindell



While U2 deservedly took much of August off, we still found plenty to muse about. Here’s a rundown of what you might have missed of our @U2 Originals content from last month:

Geoff Wilson wrote about U2’s new vocal outlet for anger and passion in “Exit” Is the New “Bullet.”

In “On the Road”: U2, Roger Waters and Trump,” David Whitt compared The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 with Waters’ “Us + Them” tour.

For our “Like A Song” series, Jackie Saunders wrote about how “When I Look At The World” has shaped her interests in social work and activism.

In our only “Off the Record” column of the month, Matt McGee shared his thoughts on album rumors, and responded to those who took issue with his suggestions fro improving the GA line experience.

Our @U2 Podcast B-side #64, Matt, Ian and Sherry asked, "Why'd U2 shoot two live performance videos?"

Jill Marino wrote about how she “got that feeling again” during The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 (part of our "Another Time, Another Place" series, in which @U2 staffers share key moments when U2's music affected their lives).

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