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"All of the guitarists that I've liked have been totally anti-hero stuff." — Edge

U2 Lists: @U2's Top 5 U2 Lists Articles of 2010


[Ed. note: This is the 23rd in a "U2 Lists" series, where @U2 staffers pick a topic and share their personal rankings on something U2-related. Although, in this case, it's not a personal list of rankings we're sharing....]

U2 Lists

With 2010 coming to a close, it's the time of year when @U2 (like many other websites) looks back at the most popular articles and content we published during the year. We do this because A) it's fun, and B) it helps us understand what you, our loyal readers, like to read about.

Over the next week or two, we'll be posting several recaps looking back at the most popular articles and content on @U2, on our blog and in our forum. We'll start below, quite appropriately, with a look at the five most viewed articles from our U2 Lists series; yes, it's a list of the top lists!

5. U2 Lists: Top 10 Types of Sustenance in U2's Lyrics (5,184 page views)

Bono has a reputation for singing about love, God, joy, desire, hope and ... food? Well, that may not have been part of his reputation until this Sherry Lawrence article that revealed how frequently things like ice cream, fast food and honey (among others) have appeared in U2 lyrics. Warning: almost guaranteed to make you hungry while reading.

4. U2 Lists: Top 5 Uses of U2 in Film (7,247 page views)

U2 has been nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe. The band has had countless songs used in major (and not-so-major) motion pictures going all the way back to 1982 (when "I Will Follow" appeared on The Last American Virgin soundtrack). But I'm betting you haven't seen all five of Tassoula Kokkoris' choices for the best uses of U2 songs in movies. Have you?

3. U2 Lists: Top 5 Sexiest U2 Songs (7,777 page views)

Who says U2 is always pious and prim? In September, Marylinn Maione dug through the band's history to find five U2 tracks that turn up the proverbial heat. And you probably won't be surprised to find out that there's not a single song from the 1980s on the list. Because they pretty much were pious and prim for that whole decade.

2. U2 Lists: Top 5 Songs That Make Me Wish U2 Would Release a Real Rock Album (9,624 page views)

Our lyrics guru, Ian Ryan, named five of his favorite proper rock 'n' roll songs from U2's catalog as examples of what a loud U2 album might sound like. Open up iTunes and crank the volume to 10 while reading for the best effect.

1. U2 Lists: Top 6 Funniest Video Clips (11,917 page views)

In this article, Rashas Weber counted down her choices for the most LOL U2 video clips over the years. If you've never seen Ben Stiller's sendup of U2's videos for the song "One," the Dalton Brothers accepting U2's 1989 New Music Awards, or the band's hysterical Letterman show Top 10 list, read this article post haste.

Stay tuned for additional articles looking back at our most popular content of 2010!

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