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U2 Lists: Top 5 U2 Concert Programs

@U2, December 18, 2013
By: Carol Foster


U2 Lists[Ed. note: This is the 54th in a "U2 Lists" series, where @U2 staffers pick a topic and share their personal rankings on something U2-related.]

This list comprises my favourite U2 concert programs from the early days right up to the present. Some are from concerts I have attended that have meant something to me, and others from ones I wish I had attended! Then there are the ones that, if money was no object, I'd be adding to the collection and some that I had to include on the list because of their visual appeal!

1) Love Comes to Town Tour Program

This program is a reminder of the first U2 show I attended, so it's on the list not because there is anything special about it in terms of layout or design, but because it has sentimental value to me and will always be one I am glad to have in my collection.


2) Popmart Tour Concert Program Book

I love this progam mainly because of its visual appeal. To me it epitomizes disco U2 in all their glory - a far cry from the grey and more serious programs of the early days. Complete with a pop-up Edge, it’s a must for any collection. What's not to like?


3) Elevation Tour Program

This was the first U2 tour I missed since attending my first concert in 1989. Tickets sold out within a matter of minutes for the shows at Slane Castle, and unfortunately I had to wait until U2 Go Home was released a few years later to experience the Elevation tour. When I started collecting U2 memorabilia, I bought an Elevation Tour program, so even though I missed the tour, well at least I had the next best thing: the tour program.


4) War Tour Program

If I had a windfall on the lottery, this is definitely one I would be adding to the collection! An original tour program from the spring of 1983 and a tour that, had I been old enough to attend, I would have definitely not missed!


5) 360 Tour Program

This tour started my addiction for attending multiple U2 shows and is a reminder of early starts and GA-line ups. But most importantly, it reminds me of the fun times spent with great people.


(c) @U2/Foster, 2013.

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