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@U2 in 2013: Top News Stories, Song Lyrics & More

@U2, January 10, 2014
By: Matt McGee


You can usually tell what U2 is doing by looking at the web analytics for our website. When the band is active, traffic on @U2 goes up. And when they're quiet, things are usually quiet around here, too.

That was certainly the case in 2013. Although there was no album release, there were strong signs that an album is coming soon in 2014. There was also a new U2 song and several other public appearances in the last half of the year.

Add it all together, and we pushed past one million unique visitors in 2013 here on @U2 (that doesn't include our blog or forum, just the main site). We also fell just a bit short of five million pageviews for the year. Both of those are smile-inducing numbers around these parts.

As we like to do at the end of every year, we've collected below the biggest news stories, most popular songs lyrics, and a few other year-end lists that reflect what our readers were most interested during the year.

Most Popular "Sections" on @U2

These are the main navigation options that you see in the menu above this article, as well as other primary content areas that we have on @U2.

1.) U2 News (1.11 million pageviews)
2.) U2 Lyrics (675,000 pageviews)
3.) New U2 Album (245,000 pageviews)
4.) Achtoon Baby (102,000 pageviews)
5.) Band (98,000 pageviews)

Most Popular Band Member Bios

We have a U2 History and separate bios for each band member (all of which probably need to be updated!), and those pages are more popular than you might think. Who's most popular? I'm sure you can guess....

1.) Bono (51,000 pageviews)
2.) Edge (12,700 pageviews)
3.) Larry (8,600 pageviews)
4.) Adam (7,400 pageviews)

Most Popular @U2 News Articles/Essays of 2013

This list is limited only to articles, essays and columns that were first published in 2013.

1.) Bono Says U2 is Lost (In Working on the New Album) (21,700 pageviews)
2.) Adam (and Ali Hewson) Talk About U2's New Album (13,100 pageviews)
3.) Report: Larry Says U2 Planning New Album by September 2013 (12,600 pageviews)
4.) U2 in NYC #2: Entire Band with Guitars, Chris Martin & More (12,100 pageviews)
5.) Edge: New U2 Album 'Around the End of the Summer' (11,300 pageviews)
6.) 'Ordinary Love' - New U2 Song to Premiere Today (10,900 pageviews)
7.) McGuinness Out as U2 Manager; Live Nation Reportedly Buying Principle Management (9,600 pageviews)
8.) RUMORS: U2's Album & French Concert Plans (9,200 pageviews)
9.) U2 Lists: Top 5 Things I Want to Hear on the Next U2 Album (8,200 pageviews)
10.) Rumor: Steve Lillywhite Says U2 Album Won't Be Out Until 2014 (8,100 pageviews)

That list pretty much reads as a litany of missed deadlines and incorrect guesses about when U2's new album would come out, doesn't it? All together now: Sigh.

Most Popular @U2 Blog Posts of 2013

There's always some interesting U2-related info, videos and other things that just don't seem to fit on the main website, so we put them on our blog, instead. Here are the most popular posts there during the last year.

1.) AUDIO: New U2 Album Song Leak or Old Soundcheck Jam? (8,900 pageviews)
2.) Bono Goes for a Bike Ride? Really? (7,600 pageviews)
3.) Larry Helps Recreate the Joshua Tree cover on Norwegian TV (3,800 pageviews)
4.) Bono's Cameo on Arcade Fire Special (3,500 pageviews)
5.) Photog: "Bono Has ... a Bison Head" (3,400 pageviews)

Most Popular U2 Song Lyrics of 2013

No new album? Sure, but that doesn't mean there weren't new lyrics to share. Our lyrics guy, Ian Ryan, does a fantastic job maintaining this part of @U2. Here's a look at the most popular U2 lyric pages from 2013.

Top 5 U2 Song Lyrics

1.) 40 (6,900 pageviews)
2.) I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (4,400 pageviews)
3.) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (4,300 pageviews)
4.) One (2,700 pageviews)
5.) War/No More Trouble (2,600 pageviews)

Top 5 U2 Album Lyrics

1.) The Joshua Tree (9,500 pageviews)
2.) Achtung Baby (8,800 pageviews)
3.) All That You Can't Leave Behind (6,300 pageviews)
4.) The Unforgettable Fire (5,600 pageviews)
5.) No Line On The Horizon (5,200 pageviews)

Most Popular @U2 Forum Boards

We added nearly 500 new forum members in 2013, and the forum itself had more than 15 million pageviews. Here's a look at the most popular boards last year. (Note: Due to forum upgrades, our analytics were incorrect for about six weeks late in the year.)

1.) News and Rumors
2.) General U2 Discussion
3.) The Music
4.) General Music Discussion
5.) Real World

So there you go -- a look back at the content that you enjoyed the most in 2013. On behalf of the whole @U2 crew, thank you for sticking with us whether it's a busy or a slow news period. We're grateful to have your trust and attention year in and year out!

(c) @U2, 2014.

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