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-- Bono

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@U2 in 2012: Top News Articles, Song Lyrics & More

@U2, January 02, 2013
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


Another year has come and gone -- a quiet year in terms of U2 news and activities. There was no official U2 music release in 2012 and no live performances by the full band; only a handful or so solo appearances from Bono.

But despite the lack of band activity, we still served up several million of page views across our main site, forum and blog! As we like to do as each new year begins, here's a look at our most popular content from the past year -- the stuff you read the most.

Most Popular "Sections" on @U2

These are the main navigation options that you see in the menu above this article, as well as other primary content areas that we have on @U2.

5. Achtoon Baby (77,000+ page views)
4. Band (136,000+ page views)
3. New U2 Album (167,000+ page views)
2. U2 Lyrics (808,000+ page views)
1. U2 News (1,055,000+ page views)

Nos. 1 through 4 are the same as in 2011, but Achtoon Baby is new on the list.

Most Popular U2 Band Member Bios

If you ever wonder how the four band members rank in overall popularity, the amount of page views that each of our band member biographies gets might be one way to score things.

4. Adam Clayton biography (10,212 page views)
3. Larry Mullen biography (10,675 page views)
2. The Edge biography (17,000 page views)
1. Bono biography (74,000+ page views)

Pretty close there between Adam and Larry!

Most Popular @U2 News Articles/Essays of 2012

Here are the 10 most popular news articles that we published last year. Some of our older articles would appear in this list if we included, but let's limit it just to news from 2012.

10. Adam Clayton & Dallas Schoo confirm: U2 is in the studio by Matt McGee (6,359 page views)
9. Like A Video: One (Zoo TV Live from Sydney) by Christopher Endrinal (6,516 page views)
8. Gavin Friday: New U2 Material is 'Quite Different' by Matt McGee (6,624 page views)
7. U2 Lists: Top 10 Career-Defining Moments by Carol Foster (7,026 page views)
6. U2 Lists: Top 5 Bono Howls by Tassoula E. Kokkoris (7,214 page views)
5. U2 Lists: Top 10 End Of The World Songs by Tim Neufeld (7,836 page views)
4. Bono: U2's 'Best 3 Weeks In the Studio Since 1979' by Matt McGee (8,345 page views)
3. U22 Track List Announced by Matt McGee (8,640 page views)
2. U22: What It Has and What It's Missing by Aaron J. Sams (11,108 page views)
1. New U2 Album in 2013, Mercury Records Says by Matt McGee (26,642 page views)

This is the first year where all of our most popular articles are original content written by our own staff. I love that. (Last year, nine of the top 10 articles were original.)

Most Popular @U2 Blog Posts of 2012

Some of our popular blog posts last year were written prior to 2012, so we'll limit this list just to the material that we published during the past year.

5. VIDEO: Bono's Evolving Look (4,043 page views) by Matt McGee
4. PHOTO: Bono's Yellow Pants (4,474 page views) by Matt McGee
3. A Look at My U2 Framed Album Cover Wall (PHOTOS) (4,928 page views) by Matt McGee
2. Neil Young Criticizes Bono's "Long-Winded Oratory" (5,044 page views) by Scott Calhoun
1. [PHOTOS] U22 Has Arrived (7,216 page views) by Scott Calhoun

Most Popular U2 Song Lyrics of 2012

This is always one of the most popular sections on @U2, and full credit goes to our lyrics guru Ian Ryan. Here are the most popular album and song lyrics pages from 2012.

Top 5 U2 Song Lyrics

5. All I Want Is You (7,206 page views)
4. One (7,370 page views)
3. Beautiful Day (7,388 page views)
2. With Or Without You (8,050 page views)
1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (9,508 page views)

Top 5 U2 Album Lyrics

5. No Line On The Horizon Lyrics (6,946 page views)
4. All That You Can't Leave Behind Lyrics (7,319 page views)
3. The Joshua Tree (11,284 page views)
2. Achtung Baby Lyrics (11,644 page views)
1. U22 Lyrics (18,174 page views)

Most Popular @U2 Forum Boards

We had more than 500 new members join the forum in 2012, and everyone collectively made more than 139,000 posts during the year. Here are the five most popular boards in the forum.

5. The Band
4. The Music
3. Real World
2. General U2 Discussion
1. News and Rumors

The end! That's how it looked last year in terms of what our readers looked at the most. As always, the entire @U2 crew and I thank you for your time, trust and loyalty in 2012. We're looking forward to a great 2013!

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