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U2 Fan Survey 2012: Fourth Set of Results Available

@U2, May 30, 2012
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


The fourth set of results from the 2012 U2 Fan Survey is now available, and this one is all about U2's concerts and live performances.

The survey was open from April 5th through April 30th of this year. We received completed responses from 3,530 fans in 79 countries, both of which are down from 2010. We think that's likely due to the band being in down-time right now, meaning less traffic to @U2 and fewer fans being aware of the survey.

Here are a few thoughts on this latest batch of results:

Most fans see only one concert per tour. More than 55 percent of survey takers have seen six U2 concerts in their lifetime. That's question G1 in this year's survey. If you look back at question B1, that indicates that about 52 percent became a fan in 1990 or earlier (and about 69 percent became a fan in 1996 or earlier). There have been five world tours since 1990, so if a similar amount of fans have seen six or fewer concerts in that time period, it suggests that the common fan sees about one concert per tour. This correlation has been visible in every survey we've done.

Ticket prices are not a barrier. U2 fans are generally happy with U2's concert ticket prices. Less than four percent said they're "too high, I won't pay." Another 37 percent said ticket prices are too high, but they don't mind paying. (Ticket prices on the 360 tour generally ranged from $30 to $250 USD.)

Merchandise prices are another story. In this year's survey, more than 85 percent of fans said they've bought merchandise at a U2 concert. But half of all survey takers also said that merchandise prices are "too high." Still, that number is actually lower than our 2010 survey, when 53 percent said the same.

Fans want to buy concerts. A whopping 95 percent of fans say they'd pay to buy a CD or download a concert right after the show. (U2 has not done this on any tour yet.) That's a little higher than in the 2010 survey. Somewhere between $10 and $20 USD is what most fans would be willing to spend for a single show.

Zoo TV still beats 360. Just like in 2010, Zoo TV beat the 360 tour as fans' favorite U2 tour. But it was much closer this year (38 percent to 29 percent) than it was two years ago (35 percent to 20 percent).

Add "Acrobat," ditch "Pride." Fans voted "Acrobat" as the song they most want to hear live for the first time -- that song was the top vote-getter in 2010, too. They also voted "Pride" off the setlist. ("Pride" wasn't one of the choices in 2010 because it had been dropped from the setlist in late 2009.)

Ready to see all of the replies to Section G? Visit our U2 Fan Survey page. And stay tuned as we post more from the 2012 U2 Fan Survey in the coming days.

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