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U2 Conference Announces Schedule, Opens Registrations

@U2, February 01, 2013
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


The U2 Conference has posted its schedule of sessions and opened up its registration system for fans that want to secure one of the very limited tickets to attend the two-day event. There's also some additional news on the Mainstream sessions that @U2 is planning, so read on for the full update below.

U2 Conference Schedule

The full conference schedule is now available on the U2 Conference website. It includes all of the just-announced academic presentations, as well as the mainstream/popular sessions that we announced about 10 days ago. The list of academic sessions includes all of the presenters, but our mainstream sessions are still open for fans to let us know you want to be involved. More on that below.

Note: We've just confirmed a new interview session that's not listed on the mainstream side of the agenda, so we'll have to make a few changes to fit that in; it's someone we're very excited to have as part of the event.

Registration Now Open

If you're planning to attend, registration is now open. The current/early-bird price is just $249; on March 11, it goes up to $299.

Space is limited, so we suggest registering as soon as possible. Once tickets are sold out, no more will be made available.

If you're traveling to Cleveland, you may also want to book a room at the conference hotel. The Marriott Key Center is where all of the conference sessions will happen (aside from keynotes), where food will be served, vendor tables set up, etc. It's the place to stay.

Mainstream Session Involvement

We're extending the deadline to submit your name for possible involvement in our mainstream sessions. When we announced the sessions 10 days ago, we set February 8th as a deadline, but looking at it now ... that doesn't make sense since registration is only just opening. Sorry!

So, we'll extend the deadline for another month or so to give fans time to register for the conference, confirm travel plans and basically get everything taken care of before saying "Yeah, I'd like to be part of that session."

We've heard from some fans that they don't feel "qualified" to be involved in these sessions, and to that we say ... "Everyone's qualified!" If you're a U2 fan with something to say on the sessions we're planning, you're qualified. It's not as formal as it sounds. If you'd like to make a formal presentation of some sort, that's great, but it's not required. You can learn more about the mainstream sessions here, and that's where you'll find links to volunteer your involvement in one of more of the sessions.

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