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U2 at War, Spice in a Stew

Ginger Spice Quits, while U2 may sue accountant Ossie Kilkenny, writes Lise Hand
The Sunday Tribune
It was the most famous pop band of all time, the Beatles, who sang that money can't buy love, but two of the world's biggest bands are learning that money can't buy harmony either.

This weekend, rumours are abounding that all is not rosy in the gardens of the Spice Girls and U2, with tales of conflict and looming legal battles emerging from both closely knit camps.

It has been reported that the sparkiest Spice, Geri Halliwell, has pulled the plug on the waning buzz of Girl Power by telling the remaining quartet that she will never sing with the band again.

And in Dublin, it has been claimed that U2 may be heading for the courts in a dispute with entertainment accountant Ossie Kilkenny, who had looked after the band's interests for almost 20 years.

Although U2 have maintained a strict silence over the affair, sources close to the group say that the split came after a stormy meeting between Ali Hewson, wife of Bono, and the accountant.

It is believed that a full reorganisation of the band's business affairs is in progress; they grossed as much as 60m from their recent PopMart tour. The exact level of U2's wealth is unknown, although it has been estimated to be in the region of 400m -- the revenue from album sales is split evenly between the four band members and their manager Paul MacGuinness.

However, there are conflicting reports as to the extent of the dispute between the two parties. Ossie Kilkenny, whose other music clients include Sinead O'Connor and Boy George, has been a longtime friend of the band but a source close to U2 revealed last week that legal action has not been ruled out by both sides.

[Note: the article continued with details strictly related to the Spice Girls which will not be included here.]

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