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-- Bono, on coming up with the album title Pop

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U2 Academic Conference Starts Tomorrow

@U2, October 01, 2009
By: m2


It's finally here: The Hype and The Feedback, the first-ever academic conference about U2. The festivities begin Friday night with a reception and movie double feature. But before all that, I'll be making an appearance at 12:00 pm ET Friday on North Carolina Public Radio station WUNC-FM. It'll be an honor to join Agnes Nyamayarwo and Beth Maynard, both of whom will also be speaking at the conference, on a program called "The State of Things." If you're interested, the station web site offers live streaming.

A couple last-minute updates you might find helpful:

I didn't pre-register. Can I still attend? Yes, unless there's a last-minute sellout, you should be able to walk up and register for the Friday night events, the conference itself (full weekend pass or single-day passes), and @U2's Sunday night movie & conversation with Neil McCormick.

I can't make it. Will you be reporting from the conference? Several @U2 staffers will be at the conference and will be busy helping the organizers put on the event. It's our goal, however, to provide as much news/information from the conference as we can all weekend long. Keep an eye on our home page, our blog, our Flickr account (for photos), and our Twitter account for real-time updates.

In fact, all conference attendees are being asked to us the #U2conf hashtag when posting their own Twitter updates. You can click this link to see all updates tagged with #U2conf all weekend long. That page will auto-update as new updates are published on Twitter. It's a great way to follow what's happening at the conference without actually being there.

If you are at the conference, please come say Hi to any @U2ers you come across!

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