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Tickets available now for #U240Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame



Another day, another exciting announcement regarding #U240Cleveland -- today, it's the news that you can now buy tickets in advance for the main event!

If you're planning to join us at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on September 24-25, you can order your tickets now from the Rock Hall's website. As we mentioned before, the entry price for the two-day event is $40 -- about a 15% discount off the normal admission fee. If you can only be there for one of the two days, no problem; you can buy a $20 ticket for either day individually. Here's how to do it:

1.) Go to https://tickets.rockhall.com/public/default.asp. You should see "U240 Celebration Weekend" as the second option, below "General Admission."

2.) Read the section highlighted in red text explaining that "a separate admission ticket is required for each day."

3.) Click the red "Add To Basket" button. On the next screen, choose your first day and click the red "Order" button.

4.) On the next screen, choose how many tickets you want to order for that day and click "Add To Basket."

5.) On the next screen, click "Continue Shopping" if you plan to be there both days, or "Proceed To Checkout" if you'll only be there one day. If you choose "Continue Shopping," your next step is to repeat the steps above to buy a ticket for the second day.

6.) When done getting tickets into your basket, you'll need to create an account to complete your order.

Other event updates

The Rock Hall is sending out a news release today to promote the event and there are a few new items to pass along:

  • Fans will be able to catch screenings of U2 3D, the band's 2008 3D concert film from the Vertigo tour, and the documentary Classic Albums -- U2: The Joshua Tree, which features interviews with the band and the production team involved in creating that album.
  • Plans are also afoot for @U2 to record 1-2 live podcasts in front of an audience while we're there. And we understand that the Rock Hall is still working on lining up additional activities and guests to be part of the weekend.
  • The Rock Hall is planning a program on "The Rock and Roll Benefit Concert," spotlighting U2.
  • The Rock Hall is bringing extra U2 memorabilia out of storage for display around the facility.
  • Attendees will receive a commemorative laminate (while supplies last).

This is just the latest batch of event updates. If you've missed anything announced before, or just need a reminder on the overall plans as they stand right now, see our dedicated #U240Cleveland event page.