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This Week in U2 Rumors

@U2, April 13, 2013
By: Matt McGee


There was a lot of chatter this past week about U2 tours, albums, new songs and the like -- none of it official or confirmed, but so much that we thought a recap is in order. Keep in mind these are just rumors.

It began last Saturday, when Spanish radio station iCat FM spread a rumor that U2 was planning to do six concerts in each of six different cities in 2014, followed by a more substantial world tour in 2015. For what it's worth, our source on Twitter said that this station correctly reported things like U2's Barcelona concerts in 2009 and the U2 3D film before they were announced publicly.

Then there was another Spanish report saying that U2 has confirmed to Universal Music that its new album will be ready for release this year ("probably in October") and will do a world tour starting in March 2014.

Lastly, some friends of one our own staffers were visiting U2's HQ in Dublin a couple days ago when they bumped into Dallas Schoo. Dallas didn't know anything about the six-shows-in-six-cities tour rumor, but did confirm that the band is working on the album now with Danger Mouse. (Note: How much work they're doing at the moment is anyone's guess, considering that Bono is in the U.S. this weekend and Adam is in Brazil. Adam did a radio interview today with Ireland's Today FM mostly talking about the Walk In My Shoes campaign. He did say again that U2's intention is to have the album out before the end of the year.)

We'll do more rumor recaps in the future as needed.

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