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"[T]hey failed to see that War was an emotional LP rather than a political one." — Bono, on Americans' view of the album

The Madres de Plaza de Mayo with U2

La Nacion newspaper
"The world is safe with so many brave women. At least I feel safe," said Bono, U2s singer, yesterday, during a meeting with the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, to which he arrived with his three partners. The four of them will perform today, tomorrow and on Saturday at River Plate Stadium.

The musicians arrived to the House of the Madres at 4:30 p.m., and after greeting each one of the members, Bono held a brief dialogue with Hebe de Bonafini in front of the press.

"I'm very moved. I thought of my own mother, whom I didn't get to know well, but when I entered this room, I felt something familiar," said Bono. The Head of the entity assured that her biggest pride was to be a mother.

"Yes, and all of us, artists, are a little jealous of the mothers," said the singer, "for you can engender true life, and that is far more important than any other creative act."

"We were born from the dissapearance of our sons," replied Hebe, to who Bono responded that that was one of the most powerful thoughts he had ever heard. "They're angry, but they're not bitter, and that's the best example for the world that confronts the winds you rise. You haven't become monsters to fight the monster," said the Irishman.

After that, the pressmen and photographers were asked to leave the room, so that the musicians could have an intimate moment with the Madres, which took more than half an hour. There the Madres were invited to see the first show of the three they are doing in our country, today, and were also invited to get up on stage.

A little while after, the four members of U2 went back to the Hyatt Hotel, followed by Hebe de Bonafini and two more mothers. There, Bono recited the poem by William Yeats "Mother of God" and sang, a capella, in English and in Spanish, the song "Mothers of the Disappeared." This will become part of the commemorative video 20 years, 20 poems, 20 artists which the entity is putting together, directed by Emilio Cartoy Diaz, in which other artists such as Vittorio Gassman, Silvio Rodriguez, Eduado Gale appear.

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