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People become too interested in you. And when I see these people hanging outside, I think I wish those guys would go and spend the afternoon writing letters to different presidents and let Bono back into the studio, and do what he really wants to do.-- Larry, 2002

The Edge says SOE is almost done, but U2 can write more songs


Edge at work

U2 announced The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 today, but many fans are asking about the status of Songs of Experience. The Edge said to Rolling Stone magazine that the album is "almost done," but they want some time to think about it and, possibly, make a few changes if necessary due to all that occurred in the world recently.

"We may even write a couple of new songs because that's the very position we're in," he revealed. "We've given ourselves a little bit of breathing space for creativity."

About the Innocence + Experience tour, The Edge said it’ll probably continue with very similar production components. "We like that tour and that project wasn't completed. It is still alive in our minds creatively."

Finally, he was asked about how the new album would be distributed. Edge joked: "My plan is that Bono and I would sneak into everyone's house and put a CD under their pillow [laughs]. But unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be getting much support from the rest of the band." He also talked about aspects of the future of music and the relationship between digital and vinyl records.