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Sweetest Thing: Engaged Couple Met in @U2 Forum

@U2, February 14, 2018
By: Jacki Saunders



One of the best parts about being a U2 fan is meeting other fans like yourself, whether online or in person. Often, lifelong friendships form and “sometimes” even romances. I recently interviewed a couple over email who met because of U2. This couple, who asked for their forum names to be used (A Blood Red Sky and The Unknown Caller), met in the atU2 Forum as teenagers and eventually met in person and started dating. They got engaged earlier this year and will be married soon.

JS: How long were each of you U2 fans before meeting?

ABRS: I first became a fan just after the release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind and during the Elevation tour, even though I was still a kid. I got really into them around 2004 — I checked atU2 every day for the latest updates actually! (Not an exaggeration.) 

TUC: I was a little bit later — my parents are big U2 fans and they brought me to see a show in Croke Park on the Vertigo tour, and I loved it! I still like to point out to ABRS that I saw the band before she did but she says it doesn’t count because I didn’t even appreciate it yet. 

JS: When did you two first meet on the forum? 

ABRS: We met in the Real World section of the forum in the spring of 2009. It was right around the release of No Line On The Horizon and we were part of a group of teens who joined up around then that had way too much time on their hands!

JS: Do you remember what you first talked about?

TUC: I remember that ABRS messaged me to say hi after we had crossed paths in a few different threads. At the start we mostly just chatted about our favorite songs, or about how life was going — the usual stuff. 

JS: What were your first thoughts about each other? 

ABRS: I thought TUC was funny. He was nice to some of the younger teens, which was sweet. (We weren’t even much older, but we felt like we were!)

TUC: ABRS was mysterious at the start. You could tell that there was more to her than she wanted to let on... and I was curious.

JS: What happened next?

TUC: We chatted a good bit over the next two years and stayed in touch while life went on. We were both at uni (university) and we stayed good friends online. 

JS: When and how did you first meet in person?

ABRS: We met in Colchester about an hour outside of London, where I was studying abroad in my junior year. TUC was at school in England and we decided to meet up. 

JS: What was it like meeting each other for the first time? 

TUC: My main memory is that it was weird how not weird it felt. We got on really well, and I remember thinking that it should have felt more awkward than it did. We started dating pretty soon after we met, and it was like dating a really old friend you know so well. 

I remember the last song I heard on my iPod before my train got in to meet ABRS for the first time was “I’ve Just Seen A Face” by the Beatles. “I can’t forget the time or place where we first met.” If that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is!

JS: What was the proposal like? 

ABRS: It happened on a recent vacation to Italy. TUC picked a really pretty spot in Bellagio, this town that looks out over Lake Como to the Alps. It was a really intimate and lovely moment. :)

JS: Do you get a lot of strange looks or reactions when you say you met on a U2 forum?  

TUC: Honestly, it’s a complicated story, so we normally just simplify it by saying we met when ABRS was on study abroad, haha! But our friends knew, and I think they were just used to how much we loved this band by then.

JS: Are you both still U2 fans?

TUC: Of course! We got to see our first show together in Madison Square Garden in 2015 and we have tickets again for this summer! 

ABRS: We don’t have as much free time as we did when we were teens anymore, but we will always be really grateful to both the band and to atU2 — they’ve really changed our lives forever.

Graphic by @U2 Achtoon Baby artist Kelly Eddington

(c) @U2/Saunders, 2018

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