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Steve Averill shares found photos from U2's 1986 trip through California

@U2, January 04, 2018
By: Matt McGee



Steve Averill has shared a newly uncovered set of photos taken during the band's trip through eastern California in December 1986. U2's longtime design guru was with the band as they drove south from Reno, Nevada, through the Bodie ghost town and eventually into Death Valley National Park and Twentynine Palms, shooting photos that would be used for The Joshua Tree album.

On his Death Valley '86 website, Averill says "I photographed a number of images during rest periods or as the band prepared for the next set-up. I would wander off to see what was around a corner or over the next hill, and filled that roll with inquisitive snapshots." He shot one roll of film but lost the negatives, only to find them recently -- and they're now being shared publicly for the first time.

Just as Edge has shared some of his photos from that same trip at his wife's Los Angeles art space, Averill says he'll present his photos at Bi Urban in Dublin, though the exact date is yet to be announced. He's also offering signed prints for sale at €500 each plus shipping (available late January).

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