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(Spoilers) Day 4: U2's Joshua Tree 2017 Tour rehearsals in Vancouver

Band is back on stage tonight after a day off on Friday.

@U2, May 06, 2017
By: Matt McGee


After a well-deserved break on Friday, U2 returned to BC Place stadium in Vancouver on Saturday for a fourth day of rehearsals before next week's Joshua Tree Tour 2017 opener.

There was little activity at the stadium until late Saturday afternoon. The band seems to have begun around 5:00 PM PT and, over the course of about two hours, worked on these songs with a lot of stops and starts, multiple takes, etc.:

1.) "Running To Stand Still"
2.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
3.) "Miss Sarajevo"
4.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
5.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
6.) "With Or Without You" (guitar only)

Some fans reported hearing work on "Beautiful Day" and "Red Hill Mining Town," too, but no one from our staff heard those so we're not going to put them in the list above. As always, it's also possible that some/all of the song work above was done by the band's techs.

U2 took the stage at about 9:00 pm PT, following the schedule established earlier in the week, for what's definitively a live, full-band rehearsal. Here's what they played:

7.) "New Year's Day"
8.) "A Sort Of Homecoming"
9.) "MLK"
10.) "Pride"
11.) "Where The Streets Have No Name"
12.) "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
13.) "With Or Without You"
14.) "Bullet The Blue Sky" (with a bit of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog")
15.) "Running To Stand Still"
16.) "Red Hill Mining Town"
17.) "In God's Country"
18.) "Trip Through Your Wires"
19.) "One Tree Hill"
20.) "Exit"
21.) "Mothers Of The Disappeared" (with "El Pueblo Vencera")
22.) "Beautiful Day"
23.) "Ultraviolet"
24.) "One" (with some kind of spoken word intro)
25.) "Miss Sarajevo" (with some kind of female voice intro)

After "Miss Sarajevo," there was a brief playing of keyboards that could've been the new song heard earlier this week ... or could've been nothing at all.

And that appears to be the end of rehearsal, which wrapped up at about 10:40 PM PT.

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