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"White people don't do [soul music] very well because we don't want to let go. Nihilism suits us." — Bono

SPOILER: U2 Talks to La Stampa


U2 spills some beans about this Friday's tour opener -- and also talks about future album plans -- in an interview published Thursday by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. It's on the paper's web site and U2place.com tipped us off to it.

On the subject of new album plans, Bono says -- and we're using the Google translation here -- that U2 currently has four projects going on:

  • "an ambient album, Songs of Ascent"
  • "a rock album"
  • a "club music" album
  • "the soundtrack of Spiderman, the musical debuting on Broadway in November"

The band gives no other details about any of those projects. But they do reveal some of their plans for Friday night's U2 360 tour opener. Bono says the band will play "at least three new songs," and he confirms that one of them is the song U2 wrote especially for their planned Glastonbury appearance. He says they worked on that song last year during the week that the band was finishing the tour in Vancouver, performing in New York at the Rock Hall's 30th Anniversary concert, and performing with Jay-Z at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin.

One last note: Regarding his health, Bono says "every hour that passes I feel better." (But admits that he smoked during his rehab.)

UPDATE: Several newspapers were at this interview opportunity. Il Giornale included this quote about U2's album plans in its story: "We are planning to release our next record as an application. Today, with laptops, iphone and ipad music can go back to being a visual phenomenon." They didn't indicate which band member said that. Their story also says Bono only smoked temporarily during his recovery.