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Sing Street director talks about Bono and Edge's role in the movie

@U2, June 11, 2014
By: Fernanda Bottini


Irish director John Carney has spoken to Rolling Stone magazine a bit more about his upcoming film Sing Street, and Bono and Edge's involvement in it. We reported last month that U.S. rights have been acquired by the Weinstein Co., and Bono and Edge would do the soundtrack for the movie.

According to Rolling Stone, Carney said Bono and Edge "won't appear in the movie itself, and while their official role or level of involvement remains to be seen ... they will likely serve as some sort of executive musical producers, and pen two or three tracks for the film."

Bono and Edge have been very helpful in discussing the musical aspects of the film, said Carney, who also directed Once. "It's going to be set in the '80s; obviously U2 were extremely prolific then, so they'll bring that, and they've just been great sounding boards," Carney said. "Bono has been very helpful with character and story as I've sort of pitched the project to him over the last few months."

He also said Bono has "been very helpful with how much music he's done, but also I think he watches movies closely. He's been helpful with beginning with a strong opening scene and character development. He's just generally a guy that knows his movies."

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