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"We genuinely believed it was a record about being fans of rock-and-roll. Maybe we didn't understand how successful we were and that it looked like we were hanging out with these guys so, by association, that we were one of the greats."

-- Bono, on Rattle and Hum

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Set List Recap: Saint-Denis - July 25, 2017

@U2, July 25, 2017
By: Sherry Lawrence


The Joshua Tree 2017 tour visited Stade de France in Saint-Denis tonight for the first of two shows. The sold-out audience was treated to a special “Mothers Of The Disappeared” performance as Patti Smith joined U2 onstage to sing. Bono praised the French NGOs for “showing courage and compassion” to people in desperate circumstances. “Bad” ended with a snippet of David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now,” and Bono concluded, “We're in the country that invented the United States of America!”

Bono dedicated “Red Hill Mining Town” to Julian Lennon, who was at the show. He also gave shout outs to Sean Penn, Lenny Kravitz, JR and his godchild from the stage tonight.

Coming up: night 2 at Stade de France tomorrow.

See the full Saint-Denis set list.

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