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"We realized, 'This is our most joyful song. We've got to put that in to stop people jumping out of the window."

-- Adam, on adding "Wild Honey" to All That You Can't Leave Behind

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Set List Recap: Rome - July 16, 2017

@U2, July 16, 2017
By: Sherry Lawrence


"A Sort Of Homecoming" made it's The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour European leg debut tonight in Rome to the excitement and delight of the Rome audience. During the second of two shows in the Italian capital city, Bono once again praised Italy's Coast Guard for saving thousands of lives of men and women fleeing their war-torn homeland to seek refuge. Bono recalled his father's opera collection during the show, as well as referenced Roberto Benigni's A Vida é Bela (Life Is Beautiful)

The passionate Italian audience sang the first two verses and chorus of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," with Bono standing in awe. "One" was a duet between the audience and the band with Bono deferring to the audience for most of the singing.

A female fan was brought up on stage during "Mysterious Ways," following the production tradition. Oasis' "Live Forever" made its tour debut as a snippet in "Beautiful Day."

There were several additional video cameras filming the concert, and areas of the stadium were lit brighter than usual. We have no confirmation of any official recording happening, however the set up at the stadium might suggest that something may be in the works.

Next up: Barcelona on Tuesday.

See the full Rome 2 set list.

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