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RUMORS: Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour to start May 12 in Vancouver

Additional cities are also rumored to be on the band's itinerary.

@U2, January 06, 2017
By: Matt McGee



Following up on our report earlier this week, a reliable source has shared additional info with @U2 about U2's plans to tour in support of The Joshua Tree's 30th anniversary this year.

We're told that the tour will play exclusively in stadiums and will begin May 12th in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Additional cities on the band's itinerary are rumored to include Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles (Pasadena), Philadelphia, Boston, New York City (NJ, to be precise) and Washington, DC. We don't know what other North America cities, if any, are getting shows. We don't know if there'll be one show or two in any/all cities, but our previous report suggested a pair of shows in Pasadena.

This info is coming from the same source we quoted earlier in the week, a source that correctly tipped us four times before and during the Innocence + Experience tour.

We've also begun to hear rumblings related to European shows in support of The Joshua Tree's anniversary, and will pass those along when we get more concrete information. There are plenty of rumors already online related to Europe and this tour, in general, and you can check out's rumor collection page for more.

We wouldn't be surprised to get additional information later today and over the weekend, and will update this story (or add new stories) as we learn more. As far as we know, our previous report that the formal announcement will happen this Monday, January 9, is still accurate, but with dates and cities leaking out, it could be moved up.

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