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Popular Mechanics goes deep into the making of a Joshua Tree Tour concert

@U2, September 05, 2017
By: Matt McGee


It's no secret that a U2 stadium show is more than just the few hours that fans like us get to be inside the venue waiting for, then watching and listening to U2 play. We've all heard the stories about how many days it takes for the production crew to move into a stadium, and how fast they move out when it's over so they can get to the next city.

In its October 2017 issue, Popular Mechanics takes a deep dive into what it takes to put on a U2 stadium show. Writers Kevin Dupzyk and James Lynch spent a week watching U2's crew -- and the local workers -- load in, put on, and then load out U2's two shows this summer at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. There's no hard news in the piece, but it offers a really interesting look at the massive, behind-the-scenes effort required to make a U2 show happen. It's a long read, so make sure you have a few minutes free:

Every Night Perfect

There's also a brief video that accompanies the story, embedded below.

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