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Poll Results: Fans Don't Hear U2 on Radio Very Often

@U2, December 14, 2012
By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee


U2 fans don't hear the band's songs on the radio very often, if at all. More than 2,600 votes came in when we asked fans about the frequency that U2 gets radio airplay wherever they live. The two most common replies were "1-2 days per week" (about 37 percent) and "Never" (about 20 percent). In all, more than 57 percent of fans said they hear U2 on the radio two days per week at most. In contrast, about 27 percent said they hear U2 at least five days per week.

The results are, of course, highly unscientific. It's possible that some fans who said "Never" or "1-2 days per week" aren't active radio listeners, so of course they wouldn't hear U2 much. At the same time, it's also possible that some fans who said "Every day" or "5-6 days per week" are active listeners of online radio services like Pandora and others where the songs are customized based on likes. Nonetheless, the results may speak to the challenge that U2 is going to have in the future in getting played on radio -- something that Bono has said is very important to U2.

The chart showing all replies is below. We've also posted a new poll question on our home page, asking if you'd like U2 to record a Christmas/holiday album someday.


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