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Pavarotti used to 'fill my fridge' with gifts -- Bono

Irish Independent
U2 singer Bono has paid a fond tribute to his friend Pavarotti, recalling how the Italian opera singer "filled his fridge" with gifts of food every Christmas.

Every year, the Italian singer would send him sides of beef and parmesan, and Bono said he and his family looked forward to it immensely.

The absence of such a parcel this Christmas had re-opened his sense of mourning for Pavarotti, who died last September.

"All of a sudden this year, just after Christmas, I went and opened the fridge to look for it. Over 10 years it's been happening -- the fridge was filled by Pavarotti," he revealed.

"I was searching in the fridge and couldn't find it. His widow Nicoletta sent something all right, but it was far more discreet. But Pavarotti was opera!"

And watching the new movie U2 3D also brought back more memories of his old friend.

Bono said the best song for him in the film was the rendition of "Miss Sarajevo," a number the band had originally recorded with a tenor part sung by Pavarotti.

Hearing it now he said raised a lot of memories of his friend. "Oh my God, it was very difficult to watch," he said.

Meanwhile, a 3D movie of U2 performing a live concert has enjoyed phenomenal success at the U.S. box office despite a limited release.

Restricted to just 61 screens across the U.S. because of its 3D digital format, it has managed to reach the Top 20.

The Irish and U.K. premiere of the unique film has been confirmed for Dublin on February 20.

Industry insiders described the success as "phenomenal." Receipt figures show an average of $15,508 (10,495) was taken in per screen for U2's offering, compared to $7,188 (4,864) per screen for the number one movie in the U.S. at the moment, Meet the Spartans. The number one film is showing at 2,605 screens.

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