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"I am a singer and a songwriter but I am also a father, four times over. I am a friend to dogs. I am a sworn enemy of the saccharine; and a believer in grace over karma. I talk too much when I'm drunk and sometimes even when I'm not."

-- Bono, 2001 Harvard graduation speech

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New promo graphic shows Lumineers will open Rose Bowl show on May 20

Image also reveals official name of tour: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

@U2, January 07, 2017
By: Matt McGee


Promo graphic for Joshua Tree Tour 2017 at the Rose Bowl

A new promotional graphic, shown above, for U2's (still unannounced) May 20 concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena reveals two things that haven't been confirmed yet:

  • The opening act, at least for this show, will be The Lumineers. Their name, along with Mumford & Sons, has been previously linked in rumors about U2's North American tour.
  • The tour itself is being called The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

The graphic also features a recent photo of U2 in poses similar to the original Joshua Tree album cover from 1987; we're not sure where this new photo was taken, but I'm betting one of you reading this will tell us soon enough. Other than that, the image confirms the previous rumors that we wrote about several days ago such as the date and venue of this Los Angeles-area show, as well as a January 17 public on-sale date for tickets. We received this image via the same source that has previously tipped us to information about this Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour.

As we reported last week, the full tour announcement is expected sometime Monday (January 9). As always, until that official announcement, all of the information you're reading here and elsewhere online should be considered rumors.

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The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

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