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New on Twitter: @U2tickets account for buying/selling/trading U2 tickets

We're working with on this new Twitter service for U2 fans

@U2, May 27, 2018
By: Matt McGee



@U2 is proud to partner with the fans from German site on a new Twitter account that we hope will make it easier to buy, sell and trade U2 tickets. Appropriately enough, the new account can be found at @U2tickets.

The idea is simple: Fans with extra tickets to trade or sell (face-value only) can tweet their offer to @U2tickets, and those tweets will get retweeted out to everyone who follows @U2tickets. Fans can then handle the trade/sale directly without our involvement. There are some additional rules and guidelines in place, so we strongly suggest you read the account's first tweet, which will also be pinned on the account page for future reference.

As the E+I tour goes along, we'll be looking to partner with additional fan sites around the world to help run the account. For now, we'll work with to handle any unexpected issues that come up and get the account running smoothly before we bring in more fan sites to help.

Follow @U2tickets today!

Note: Both @U2 and will continue to offer fans a place in our respective forums where ticket sales and trades can be done. Ours can be found here. (It's only visible to logged-in account holders.) This Twitter account isn't a replacement for those forum boards. Considering the speed of Twitter and the fleeting nature of tweets, you should also check those boards for ticket offers that have been around more than a couple hours or a day.

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