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New Fender Guitar Video Features Edge Playing New U2 Song

@U2, March 23, 2016
By: Matt McGee


There's a short clip of new U2 music in a new mini-documentary that Fender guitars released today. It's part of a new feature that includes a couple videos with The Edge. As Fender's Ethan Kaplan tweeted tonight, one video "has some new U2 tucked away in it."

The 5-minute video below is about the Edge signature Stratocaster that Fender announced a couple months ago. You'll hear Edge talking about guitars and guitar-playing in general, and you'll hear bits of him playing several instantly recognizable U2 tunes. But then, at about the 4:45 mark, you'll hear him playing along with a new U2 song that includes Bono's pre-recorded vocals. 

My ears aren't able to make out any definitive lyrics, so I can't say if the song is one of the many listed on our U2 new album tracker page, but you may have better luck. Here's the video -- enjoy!

UPDATE: As the folks at Swedish site pointed out on Twitter, the final minute of the video -- including the new song mentioned above -- takes place at producer Jacknife Lee's studio in southern California. Lee is the man working at the controls as Edge plays the new U2 song, which leads to obvious speculation that Lee could be working with U2 on its new album. You should know his name: Lee produced and performed several of the songs on How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, as well as some of the remixes from that album.

Also, if you're really into Edge's guitar scene, don't miss this lengthy interview today on

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