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"I want U2 to be a band that takes risks. I hate this idea of U2 as a nice safe band. ... The rock rebel thing is very phony." — Edge

New Album Delays

Hot Press
Principle Management have refused to confirm or deny speculation that the release of the new U2 album has been put back until early in the new year.

Although Larry Mullen was quoted recently as saying that the as-yet-untitled collection would be out in November, industry sources suggest that group are still trying to whittle down 30 songs they've recorded with producers Flood, Nellee Hooper and Howie B.

Contacted last week, the only information Principle would give is that, "the single is already delivered and the release date for the single and the album will be confirmed when the album is complete."

Rather more forthcoming is Adam Clayton who's been enthusing about Howie B.'s role as official band vibemaster.

"What I get from Howie," he gushes, "is the way that he hears music. This thing of having space and not filling it, that's a new way to listen to music for me. In the past, you're always a bit wary of space. There's something about the purity of having the space in the mixes and in the sound of the band not having to play too much. So I think it's going to have an influence on the record."

There are also some indications from Larry Mullen that the album will have something of a hip-hop flavour.

"I think the spirit of trip-hop has always been in the band," he claims rather unconvincingly. "The question is how to incorporate it into what we do and kind of update it in a way."

Tracks that insiders are tipping to make the final cut include "Super City Mania," "Holy Joe," "Gone" and the mysteriously-monikered "MFRR."

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