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My knighthood will open doors, says Bono

Irish Independent, April 02, 2007
By: Shane Hickey


Bono has defended his decision to accept an honorary knighthood from the Queen, saying U2 was interested in having "more interesting enemies."

The singer, pictured right, said there were double standards in operation when people talked about the "old enemy," as he had been congratulated when he received a similar honour from France.

On Thursday, Bono was awarded the Status of Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in a ceremony at the embassy in Dublin.

Repeating his phrase that it was fine to call him anything but "not Sir," Bono said on Today FM that U2 had always prided themselves in having more interesting enemies than the "established order."

While people would think it is "very cool" to get an award from France, a similar one from Queen Elizabeth prompts them to pull faces, he said.

Saying that he intends to vote in the next election, Bono said these were "interesting times to be living here."

However, he said that he was not in a position to lecture people about the importance of voting.

Having landed back in Ireland after a visit to the U.S. some years ago, Bono said he misjudged the time and missed voting.

"I don't think that I am one to lecture," said the iconic singer.

The knighthood from the queen will sit alongside his 2005 Time Person of the Year award and the French Legion D'Honneur.

Bono said the knighthood would help open doors, as there were still governments and groups who did not want to meet him.

© Irish Independent, 2007.

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