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-- Bono, 2001

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Music Rising To Aid Those Impacted By Hurricane Harvey

@U2, September 01, 2017
By: Sherry Lawrence


Music Rising has announced that it is organizing efforts to support those impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. A spokesperson for Music Rising said, "Music Rising will help students, schools and musicians once the waters recede, and 100% of all funds raised go straight to the cause. U2's The Edge, producer Bob Ezrin and Music Rising supported musicians, school choirs and churches regain their livelihood and well-being after Katrina. Music Rising was also there when the floods of Nashville hit and Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. Now its time we help the people of Texas."

Music Rising is in the process of updating its website about its Hurricane Harvey efforts, and hopes to have more detailed information by the end of next week. Music Rising would like to thank U2 fans for generously supporting its initiatives over the past 12 years, and hopes that the band's fan community will continue that support.

Tax-deductible donations may be made directly through the Music Rising website. 


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