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Mixed Messages from U2 Camp on Apple Rumors

@U2, September 04, 2014
By: Matt McGee


If you follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, you saw us post yesterday at length about rumors that U2 will be involved in Apple's iPhone 6 launch this coming Tuesday, September 9th. The band is rumored to be appearing and performing at the event in Cupertino, where some kind of stage is being built at the venue where Apple first launched the Mac computer 30 years ago. Also rumored: U2's new album will be pre-loaded on the new iPhone, and the band will release/perform its new single on Tuesday.

U2's camp is out today with responses to those rumors, but has given mixed messages about what's going on.

In the Independent:

A spokeswoman for the band said Bono and co have not struck a deal with Apple to release their upcoming album on its next [iPhone].

"They are not releasing their album on the iPhone, and they are not performing at the IPhone launch," she said.

In the Daily Edge:

U2′s PUBLICIST HAS said that she is "not aware of any plans" to release the band's new album pre-loaded on the iPhone 6.

Her comments follow widespread rumours that the band would do so, amid talk of a possible marketing tie-in ahead of the new iPhone's launch next week.

Regine Moylett of RMP London told "No, I'm not aware of any plans to load the album onto a phone."

The Daily Edge story has more background on all the rumors, including original tweets and such (if you missed the excitement Wednesday).

UPDATE: For unknown reasons, the Independent has deleted the article linked above from its website.

UPDATE #2: Hot Press has jumped in with an article that includes this statement from an "official spokesperson" --

"They are not releasing their album on the iPhone, and they are not performing at the iPhone launch."

Of course, "not performing" doesn't mean "not appearing." And "not releasing their album on the iPhone" doesn't mean they're not going to let Apple stream it exclusively via Beats Music. Or that the promotion is more tied to the single, rather than the album. Similarly, the "not aware of" comments earlier this week mean nothing -- that's a common PR way of issuing a non-denial denial. PR speak is a funny thing.

Or, in the end, U2 will really have zero involvement at all in the Apple event on Tuesday and all of the recent activity that seemed to be connected to Apple will have amounted to a really crazy coincidence. By the way, the Apple event will be streamed live online, but be sure to see the tech requirements in small print at the bottom.

Also note that the Hot Press quote is a word-for-word copy of the quote from the the Independent -- the one that's now been deleted. So....?

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