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Lanois Tells Reporter: New U2 Album 'Amazing' and 'Big'

@U2, May 30, 2013
By: Matt McGee


Daniel Lanois has reportedly heard some/all of U2's next album and described it to a newspaper reporter on Wednesday as "amazing" and "big," while dropping a comparison to Achtung Baby in the process. The news comes from the Tumblr blog, Danger Mouse, that dude, which found a series of three tweets posted on Wednesday by Brad Wheeler, music writer for the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Wheeler apparently interviewed Daniel Lanois during the day and talked about U2. He posted these three tweets, in order:

UPDATE: Wheeler shared a few more quotes from Lanois Thursday morning on Twitter. Those are added below.

UPDATE, May 31: The full interview has now been published on the Globe and Mail's website. Here are the exact U2-related comments that Lanois made:

Bono just came to my place in L.A. a few weeks ago. He let me hear the new record that they're doing with Danger Mouse. It sounded amazing. Very, very big and powerful-sounding. Some of it was adventurous. There were shades of Achtung Baby. A couple of songs I was familiar with, because we worked on them before but had not completed them. Now they're back on the burner. Bono is very excited, and he's singing beautifully. He makes me jealous. Those barrel-chested Irish tenors.

It's part of the business, but how do you feel about Danger Mouse producing this album, and you not being involved this time around?

I'm actually glad that I'm not making this record with them. I don't think I'd survive the experiment. It's hard work. It's two years, and it will be a character-building experience for Danger Mouse. You really have to be physically fit to make a U2 record. But, really, they're all hard. All records are hard to make.

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