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"This is the stuff that in the end makes us what we are. It's the stuff that you can't leave behind, the personality of the band, the way we interact with each other."

-- Edge, on All That You Can't Leave Behind

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Joshua Tree Journeys: Stephanie Brady

Glasgow, Scotland

@U2, January 25, 2017
By: Stephanie Brady



[Ed. note: This is the fourth in our new series, which highlights visits to the U2 Joshua Tree, as shared by our readers.]

We flew from Glasgow to L.A., hired a car and drove into the desert looking for the site of the original Joshua tree.

To make sure we were at the right spot, we had to match up the landscape to the pictures in the album. Needless to say, this led to two hours of arguing between my husband and me as we drove up and down the same stretch of road a thousand times. For each tree on the landscape we jumped out to see if it was the right one.

At one point, my husband, adamant that he was right, jumped out and walked 20 minutes into the desert. I cursed him the entire time as I watched from the side of the road. We were running out of daylight. As soon as he got back I stormed off for one last look.

Out of utter frustration, I cursed Bono, and Anton Corbijn for picking a frigging tree that was now lying dead somewhere on this desert floor!

There was one shaft of sunlight on an otherwise gray, overcast day, and I kept looking up thinking The Lord God Bono had sent me a sign. I kept saying to myself in a full-on rage as I stormed about, "35 years a fan and you can't even give me one glimpse of this f***ing tree. I've come all this way!"

Just then I stumbled across what I thought was the tree. I could see a broken-down guitar and some things painted in tricolors. I ran over. There it was! By this time I was so far from my husband he couldn't see me. I stood beside the tree screaming his name. I had a long denim shirt on that I took off and waved above my head like a lunatic. Two seconds later, two fighter jets screamed overhead. I was getting the full U2 experience here! 

Joshua Tree Journeys: Stephanie Brady

After I spent five minutes frantically waving and nearly dying of thirst, my husband spotted me and came with water, camera and mini Bono.

Joshua Tree Journeys: Mr. Brady and Baby Bono

We wrote our names on the little notepad and had a look at the messages left behind by previous visitors. It’s very moving to know the band that means so much to you means so much to millions more. I had a wee tear and took loads of photographs and videos for my friends who couldn't believe I'd go to America to find a dead tree!

The angriest and most joyful two hours of my life. :)

 (c) @U2/Brady, 2017.

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