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"The Latin Americans have the sexy end of Catholicism. They have carnivals, which we don't have in Northern Europe. We have all of the denial but none of the celebration."

-- Bono

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Joshua Tree Journeys: Fabiano Costa (Mad)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

@U2, February 12, 2017
By: Fabiano Costa (Mad)



[Ed. note: This is the thirteenth in our series, which highlights visits to the U2 Joshua Tree, as shared by our readers.]

My story to find the Joshua tree begins during the Innocence + Experience Tour in May 2015. After seeing the two shows in San Jose, I drove directly from the second concert because the next morning I had to be at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to pick up my friend, Frederico Soares, also from Brazil (Sao Paulo), to accompany me on the rest of the trip.

From LAX we headed toward the tree and listened to the album. Arriving at the coordinates, with my phone offline, we were desperate because we could not find the tree. Thankfully, I remembered that we had to walk more than 700 meters (about 2,297 feet) through the desert to get there, and we managed to find the tree — a sanctuary for U2 fans.

Joshua Tree Journeys: Fabiano Costa (Mad)

It’s hard to describe the excitement we felt thinking about what happened there more than 30 years ago, and seeing that fans have continued to visit there and leave memories in the time capsule. We saw letters, T-shirts and other items. I left my own message, and from there we left for Las Vegas to spend the night and drive to Phoenix for the next two concerts.

Joshua Tree Journeys: Fabiano Costa (Mad)

To complete the trip, my friend and I booked a room at another U2 landmark: the Harmony Motel. We planned to drive straight from the second Phoenix concert to 29 Palms (where the motel is located). 

After two amazing concerts in Phoenix where we obtained autographs from the band (I also got a bottle of water thrown by Bono during “Until The End Of The World”), we drove to the Harmony Motel. We got there around 2 a.m., and to our surprise, the motel was closed! That’s right … CLOSED. We’d dreamed about experiencing this amazing U2 spot, but couldn’t sleep there. We left a notice informing the staff that no one was available at reception.

We found another hotel nearby, and after about three hours, I had to get on the road again so I’d be sure to make my flight back to Brazil. But we took some photos of the Harmony to keep it in our memories.

With the new tour announced, I plan to go to the Rose Bowl concerts, and for sure, I’ll return to this magic place with one more story to tell ...

(c) @U2/Costa, 2017.

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