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"[T]hey failed to see that War was an emotional LP rather than a political one.

-- Bono, on Americans' view of the album

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Introducing Our Newest Feature: Like a Video

@U2, August 29, 2011
By: m2 / @mattmcgee


It's a pleasure to introduce today our newest regular feature on @U2. It's an essay series called "Like a Video" that begins with staff writer Tim Neufeld "unpacking" the visuals that U2 used during "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on the U2 360 tour. Why was everything green? What was showing on the video screen, and how did it relate to the song's message? Tim shares his thoughts on that and more in this first essay.

You're probably already familiar with our "Like a Song" essay series, and we hope you come to enjoy "Like a Video" just the same. We're hoping to post new essays for "Like a Video" once per month, just as we do with "Like a Song."

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