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We realised that there's only a certain amount of Joshua trees you can chop down.-- Larry, on recording All That You Can't Leave Behind, 2002

Bleed Into One Might Get Done In 2010


Clips of Bono and Edge show up in Bleed Into One, a film telling the story of Christian rock, which could be out this year if director Ash Greyson has the time to do the monumental work of securing licensing for all the music he would like to use in the film. He estimates about five minutes of the 90-minute project uses footage of U2, but says many of the other artists in the film talk about the influence U2 had on them and the development of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM).

A trailer for the film is on YouTube and sits on BleedIntoOne.com's site developed in 2008 (and apparently untouched since).

Bono and Edge speak (well, Bono speaks) at 1:27, 1:43 and 3:47. That's Phil Keaggy at 0:43, the legendary guitarist who formed Glass Harp, who says U2 is the "world's greatest band, in my opinion."

Greyson is president of BrightBulb Entertainment and might be best known nationally for his documentary Strong Enough to Break, about the band Hanson's struggles during their peak years of commercial success.

He told me by phone that he hasn't been able to shoot original content of U2 for the film but said U2 pointed him toward using clips of Bono and Edge's 2006 interview for HBO's Off the Record, hosted by The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart. Still shots and concert footage from over the years are in the film, too.

Tim Hudson, Greyson's creative partner for the film, approached him in 2005 with the concept, and they began shooting that year.  In 2008, when the trailer first appeared, forum members at Interference.com started discussing it, with one person noting the Off the Record clips of Bono weren't comments about CCM specifically. (Indeed, they aren't. They are Bono's remarks about how pop stars habitually thank God for their songs, even the "crap" ones.) Also in 2008, U2Sermons weighed in "that the real story of [CCM] is impossible to tell without including U2."

Now five years later, IMBD lists the film as in post-production with 2010 as its release date. Greyson estimates he has recorded interviews with 150-200 artists and has a "huge amount" of B-roll. He said the film is in good shape and he's pleased with the story the film tells, noting it became clear they really shouldn't try to make a documentary per se about the history of Christian rock because of how different each Christian artist's story is.

Instead, they want to tell a story about the growth of CCM since the 1960s, and Greyson said that U2 is undeniably a part of that story.  He also wants to convey the hope of many in CCM that the songs of mainstream rock and CCM will eventually "bleed into one" so there will no longer be a noticeable division in the quality or messages of the songs.  The title for the film became obvious to him and Hudson when they were reviewing footage and U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" came up.

Greyson would like to shoot something new with U2 for the film and perhaps make the film a charitable project for supporting one of Bono's causes, but says he is also inclined to finish the project with or without their direct involvement.

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