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"Now that I can afford to buy any drums I want, I get them for free."

-- Larry

@U2 home page

How To Get the Most From @U2

If you've only been reading @U2 for the last year or two, you may not know about all the ways to use @U2 and connect with us for your U2 news fix. This guide aims to fix that by making your @U2 user experience as good as it can be!

@U2 News

We have four main distribution points for U2-related news:

@U2 News Database -- This is the permanent record of all important U2 articles we write and find. It's what you're looking at when you see THE NEWS TODAY section in the right column, or the entire News section of the site at We consider this an archive of all the news that matters most. Anything we post into the main news database is archived for eternity, and you can search for articles all the way back to 1978, when "U2 Malahide" won the talent contest in Limerick.

Bits & Bytes -- This is the section of our home page where we post shorter news items, site announcements & promotions, and so forth. With our site upgrade in 2009, we began to permanently archive all Bits & Bytes in our news database. We also send these items via email to the Yahoo Groups site for our news mailing list, which is the next item on our list.

[atu2] News Mailing List -- This is an announcement-only mailing list where U2 fans receive U2 news by email that we send out. Fans cannot reply to the emails we send; it's not for discussion. It's like a dedicated @U2 news alert service.

If you're a U2 fan, you really should be on this mailing list. Why? Because this list is where we send out alerts about all the items posted to the News Database, all the items posted to Bits & Bytes, and a lot more U2 news that never gets posted on the web site. If we hear some U2 news that's interesting, but not important enough to be posted on the web site, we'll send it out only to the mailing list. Every once in a great while, we also offer a prize or something cool that we only send out to our mailing list. Like I said, if you're reading this now, you really should subscribe.

@U2 Blog -- The blog is our fourth distribution point for U2 news. Our entire staff has access to post on the blog, and we share funny, unique, and interesting stories and discoveries -- stuff that doesn't belong on the main site, but might still be interesting to some U2 fans. We often ask for comments from our blog readers, and have excellent discussions on many blog posts. The things we post to the blog are not sent out to the mailing list. But you can (and should) get alerts about blog content by subscribing to the RSS feed. If you still don't know what RSS is and how to use it, please watch this short video (less than 4 minutes).

We have a number of different RSS feeds you can subscribe to to get notified about new content on @U2.

Other @U2 Services

@U2 Forum -- This is our longstanding message board for fans to share conversations with one another about anything U2-related. It's the best place to chat about the news you see posted here on @U2.

@U2 on Social Networks

@U2 Facebook Page -- Our Facebook page is the best place to keep up with U2 and @U2 news on Facebook. All of our "Bits & Bytes" news items from our home page show up automatically on our wall, and we welcome comments from our readers there, too.

@U2 on Twitter -- Twitter is like a large, wide-open chat room. Whereas instant messaging is great for 1-to-1 chats, Twitter allows you to chat with anyone else that's online and see their conversations, too. If you see two of your friends chatting, you can jump in and join the conversation. @U2 uses Twitter as a way to distribute news and updates to U2 fans who have chosen to follow us, as well as to chat with fellow U2 fans and even to get fan feedback for our news coverage. If you're looking to connect with other U2 fans on Twitter, look at the list of people who are following us and start following them. Then say hello. :-)

@U2 on Flickr -- @U2 has a Flickr account where we post U2 photography from our staffers, as well as some photos sent in by readers. We also have an @U2 Flickr group where more than 5,000 other fans are able to share U2-related photos with each other. We invite you to friend us on Flickr and join the @U2 group, too.

@U2 on YouTube -- We have a YouTube account and plan to continue adding new videos.

Lastly, if you're a user of StumbleUpon, Delicious, or similar sites, feel free to post our articles there and/or vote them up.

Contacting @U2

There are a number of ways to reach us.

@U2 News -- If you have a news tip, send it to If you'd like to submit a guest article, please read this page to learn how.

@U2 Lyrics -- If you have feedback for Ian, our lyrics guru, send him an email at

@U2 Calendar -- If you know of an upcoming U2-related event that we may want to list in our Calendar, use this form to tell us about it.

General Feedback/Suggestions -- In the forum, we have one topic dedicated to your feedback and suggestions, and a separate "Help Desk" topic for questions. There are several other topics where you can share feedback on U2 news, lyrics, and so forth.

Contact a Staffer -- We have a Contact Us page where you can meet the staff and email (most of) us directly.

So there you go. Everything you ever wanted to know about @U2, @U2 News and how to get the most out of this site. We strongly encourage you to join the mailing list to get news alerts by email, and learn how to use RSS to receive news from @U2 and all your favorite sites without having to visit each site individually.

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@U2 Calendar

December 29 2018

09:00 PM - 11:00 PM - U2 Baby Tribute Band Performance

Tonight in Milton Keynes

January 4 2019

07:30 PM - 09:00 PM - Unforgettable Fire Tribute Band Performance

Tonight in Sellersville

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