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High winds lift the roof off U2's recording studio

Irish Independent, February 04, 2014
By: Niamh Horan


Their new single has just stormed the charts but U2 were concerned with a storm of a different kind tonight.

As high tides, heavy rain and high winds cause havoc throughout the country, high winds lifted the roof off the band's famous recording studio on Grand Canal quay.

Gardai and fire brigade attended the scene at around 6pm and the road was closed for an hour while safety measures were put in place.

Developer Harry Crosby, who lives beside the studio, told "About an hour ago the eastern part of the roof of the U2 recording studio blew off.

"I have spoken to the chief fire officer in charge and he said that it was now secure for the night.

"Because the band are away at the moment I acted on their behalf to make sure everything was ok, as it makes up the second part of my house," he said.

(c) Independent, 2014.

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