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Here's U2's new song, 'The Blackout'

@U2, August 30, 2017
By: Matt McGee


As promised, U2 has posted a music video today for "The Blackout," one of the new tracks that'll appear on the band's upcoming album, Songs Of Experience. Fans in our forum are sharing their thoughts already, and you're welcome to join in the discussion.

The video was recorded on July 28 at WesterUnie in Amsterdam, in a private shoot with a couple hundred U2 fans in the small venue. It's a live performance video in the same vein as "Invisible" a few years ago -- largely black-and-white with lots of video effects as the band performs. "The Blackout" becomes the second song U2 has performed from Songs Of Experience, following "The Little Things That Give You Away," which has been performed 16 times since its debut in Vancouver on the opening night of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

"The Blackout" isn't the first single from Songs Of Experience. Instead, that'll be "You're The Best Thing About Me," which U2 says will be released next week on September 6. On that same day, the band will share full details about the upcoming album, including the release date, track list, album artwork and more.

And finally, for the many U2 fans who've asked, here's our first crack at "The Blackout" lyrics. We'll update that as we continue to listen to the video, which is embedded below.

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