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Here's the Songs Of Experience track list

@U2, October 30, 2017
By: Matt McGee



With an official Songs Of Experience announcement expected any day now, it's no secret what songs will be included on U2's next album. Bono and the band have revealed more than a dozen titles already, and even shared a few details about the running order -- all of which we've been tracking on our new U2 album page.

Adding to that information, @U2 has now learned the full track list and running order of Songs Of Experience. This information comes from photos shared with @U2 of the deluxe vinyl edition, with the track list appearing on the back cover. We assume the song list and running order will be the same on other versions, with the exception of the three bonus songs indicated below that are likely only included on the deluxe SOE. Here's what we saw in the photos:

Side 1:

1) Love Is All We Have Left
2) Lights Of Home
3) You're The Best Thing About Me
4) Get Out Of Your Own Way
5) American Soul

Side 2:

1) Summer Of Love
2) Red Flag Day
3) The Showman (Little More Better)
4) The Little Things That Give You Away

Side 3:

1) Landlady
2) The Blackout
3) Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way
4) 13 (There Is A Light)

Side 4 (bonus tracks):

1) Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix)
2) Book Of Your Heart
3) Lights Of Home (St Peter's String Version)

That's right in line with the known list of songs that the band has mentioned in recent interviews, but there are a couple noteworthy items:

  • Although Bono said earlier this year that SOE would have 12 tracks, the album proper has 13. The additional song, coincidentally, is titled "13 (There Is A Light)." That's a new song that Bono first mentioned in the current (December 2017) issue of Q magazine. In prior interviews and during the first two legs of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Bono mentioned that the final song on the album was "The Little Things That Give You Away." That track is now ninth overall and the end of Side 2 on vinyl. (Personal guess: This change came late in the process of finishing the album and is one reason why the official announcement didn't happen in September as was first promised.)
  • As expected, the song previously known as "Much More Better" seems now to be titled "The Showman (Little More Better)."
  • "Ordinary Love" makes its first appearance on a U2 album. The song was part of the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom soundtrack and was released as a limited edition, 10-inch vinyl for Record Store Day in November 2013, but didn't appear on Songs Of Innocence in 2014. Hopefully, in upcoming interviews, we'll hear from the band about the decision to include this mix on the deluxe Songs Of Experience.

One final note: It looks like U2 will be participating in some kind of Songs Of Experience listening party later this year in the Los Angeles area. San Diego-area radio station 91X is advertising an event called "The U2 Experience," and giving listeners a chance to win tickets to attend, hear the album, meet the band and get a photo with them. No date is mentioned, but it's described as a "pre-release" party, so we're assuming it'll happen prior to the expected December 1 release. We're also assuming other radio stations will be running similar contests, but that's still TBD.

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