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My guitar usually comes out only on formal occasions. I don't do the campfire or bar-room improv thing. -- Edge

Here's the official schedule of #U240Cleveland events


If you're joining us for #U240Cleveland this weekend, we've got the full activity schedule to help you plan your days on Saturday and Sunday. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will open to the public at 10:00 am Saturday, and the @U2 crew will be there to welcome you with special goodie bags for the first 50 fans to show up and visit our table! After that, you're welcome to check out everything the Rock Hall has to offer including two special exhibits -- one featuring our very own Kelly Eddington and some of her Achtoon Baby artwork, and the other featuring Beth Nabi and Chris LeClere of the U2 Tattoo Project. (Their talks will be repeated a few times throughout the weekend.) At 12:00 noon, the Rock Hall will welcome everyone; we'll eat some cake and sing Happy Birthday to U2, too.

There'll be three live conversation sessions over the weekend with our special guest, Dave Fanning. On Saturday afternoon, Fanning will speak first with the Rock Hall in a 45-minute session that starts at 12:30 pm. Fanning will join the @U2 podcast crew at 2:45 pm Saturday for a special, live episode of our podcast. And then on Sunday, we'll sit down with Fanning again one last time at 12:30 pm to go deeper on some of Saturday's stories and cover anything we missed. There'll be opportunities for audience Q&A, too.

We'll join with the Rock Hall for a special discussion on U2's social justice efforts that will happen at 1:30 pm Saturday and again at 2:00 pm on Sunday. While all of that is going on, there'll be a few screenings of U23D and other U2-related videos throughout the weekend.

As you can see, it's a really packed weekend! If you don't have tickets yet, it's just $40 for both days -- and if you can only be there one day, you can pick either day for just $20. We've got the step-by-step instructions to buy tickets in advance online, but you can also get them at the Rock Hall either day.

Not listed on the official Rock Hall schedule is our special event Saturday night at 9:30 pm -- a rare big-screen showing of Rattle And Hum at the Tower City Cinemas in downtown Cleveland for only $10! We've already sold more than 100 tickets and expect more to sell at the box office on Saturday night. If you want to reserve yours online in advance, follow this link and click where it says 9:30 pm to buy your tickets.

Here's the full, official weekend schedule from the Rock Hall. You can click the image to see a larger version.

Cleveland schedule

Unofficial Events

In addition to all of the above, we understand that fans have organized a couple unofficial events for the weekend. By "unofficial," we mean that neither @U2 nor the Rock Hall is involved in organizing and putting these events on, but we want to let you know about them anyway.

Friday: We understand a group of fans are planning to meet Friday evening at The Harp, an Irish pub, to watch or follow along as U2 performs at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Saturday: Cleveland-area tribute band ONE will be performing at 5:00 pm in the Cleveland Public Square. After that, fans are planning to meet again at The Harp at 7:00 pm.