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"The essence of U2 is not something that happened in 1983 or 1993. It includes from 1980 to 2000. You know, all that you can't leave behind, yes, to me the best bit of U2." — Bono

Gavin Friday: New U2 material is 'more aggressive' than last album


Gavin Friday, U2's longtime friend and working consultant, has spoken about U2's next album with Hot Press magazine. The main focus of the article is Friday's own music and other projects, but Hot Press squeezed in a question about the new U2 material, too. Here's what he had to say about what U2 is working on right now:

"I've heard some stuff," he admits. "U2 tend to work from A-Z and you'll go, 'Wow, there's 26 f**king amazing things here, there's three albums here!' And then suddenly you won't know what the f**king album is until they decide 'these are the 12 songs we're mixing.' They're really productive, and there's so much stuff that they didn't put on Songs of Innocence, so I would not like to be the anthologist that tries to put that together when they're all gone like The Beatles. It would probably take 1000 years to put together. I have heard it and it's exciting. It's more aggressive than the last album."

The Edge told RollingStone.com a couple weeks ago that the band is "still in the weeds" of the next album, and said it's likely that U2 will tour later this year before its next album is released.