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"You know, my first-ever gig was with a country-and-western band. I made 10 pounds."

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Edge: U2 are 'absolutely' touring Australia in 2018

@U2, November 26, 2017
By: Matt McGee


It's been seven years since U2 has toured in Australia/New Zealand, but things are looking good for that to change in 2018. In an interview that aired tonight on 60 Minutes Australia, Edge said U2 would "absolutely" be coming back to Australia. In a somewhat odd change of pace, it was Bono who tempered Edge's promise by saying, "We want to go, we really do. And if there's any way we can, we will."

The interview took place last month while U2 was finishing The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Brazil. Aside from the comments about touring Australia next year, there's not much news to come out of the interview, but it does have some good stories and quotes from each band member. At the moment, the entire 16-minute feature is on YouTube (but may be removed eventually). The program's Twitter account shared a bunch of clips from the U2 segment, including the comments about U2 returning to Australia.

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