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"Edge's guitar solo in 'Love Is Blindness' is a more eloquent prayer than anything I could write."

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Edge: Songs Of Experience is 'absolutely ready to go beside last polish'

Edge also talks about next year's tour plans, a recent Bono health scare and more.

@U2, September 18, 2017
By: Matt McGee



In a wide-ranging interview published Monday on, Edge says U2's new album, Songs Of Experience, is "absolutely ready to go beside the last polish." When reporter Andy Greene asks Edge -- who seems recently to be the one band member least willing to say the album is finished -- to clarify, Edge offers this explanation of what he means by the album still needing "polish":

Just a polish, not substantial. Nothing that anyone other than the band would be able to tell because we have the mixes done and we are trying to find our favorites. We might like the mix, but maybe there's a lyric change that hasn't been put into the mix. ... It's really just final little tweaks.

Several sources, most recently the New York Times, have given a December 1 release date for Songs Of Experience. Though the interview doesn't confirm that date, Edge's comments give no reason to think it's wrong. In fact, those "little tweaks" are likely the reason that U2 didn't announce full album details back on September 6 as they'd originally promised. Our sources tell us to expect a full album announcement in mid-to-late October.

Edge also references a new song that he calls "The Lights Of Home" -- that's the track that U2 played over the PA system for fans in Amsterdam who were at the private video shoot for "The Blackout." And he confirms that SOE has a collection of producers including Steve Lillywhite, Jacknife Lee, Andy Barlow, Ryan Tedder and Jolyon Thomas.

But that's not the only noteworthy topic in the interview. Greene asked Edge to clarify comments that he recently made on Dutch radio about a 2016 health incident that affected Bono and impacted the band's progress on Songs Of Experience. Edge vaguely calls it "a brush with mortality" and "a serious moment."

There's also discussion about the likelihood of an arena tour next year to support SOE and the possibility of not playing a single song from The Joshua Tree -- including "Where The Streets Have No Name." And Greene, a diehard U2 fan (who's appeared on our podcast, by the way), also asks Edge about the Pop album's anniversary and rarities like "Drowning Man" and "Lady With The Spinning Head."

Here's the full interview with Edge. A separate email Q&A with Bono is said to be coming soon.

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