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"I find it to be an ongoing challenge to keep the guitar from becoming too traditional."

-- Edge

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Edge Finally Explains What the Heck U2 is Still Doing in the Studio

Also Hints at Late-Year Tour Plans

@U2, February 04, 2014
By: Matt McGee


Just about 24 hours after Bono took a turn on BBC Radio 1, The Edge did an interview today on BBC Radio 2 with Jo Whiley to talk about "Invisible" and U2's plans for the rest of 2014. He tap-danced around any specifics regarding album names, release date and U2's tour plans, but he twice dropped hints that U2 has a busy year ahead. Maybe best of all, he also offered the best explanation yet of what on earth U2 is still doing in the studio. Here's a recap of what he said:

On the new album: "We're trying to make a hard record ... meaning intellectually hard, rigorous, raw but potent. And I think ["Invisible"], of everything on the album, is probably the one that represents the many different things that we're trying to put into the album."

More on the new album: "It's about returning to the music that got us inspired in the first place. It's raw but it's definitely guitar-driven, with the German influence of that era."

On what the band is doing now in the studio: "We're trying to make sure that there's no fuzzy thinking involved. In the end, it's songs. You obviously want some innovative production, but it comes down to the same thing: Have you got a great melodic idea and great lyrics? And if you can't put it across on an acoustic guitar, you probably don't have that. So we're going through all that process. And on this album, we really went quite far out there and now this final phase is like bringing it all home and making sure that it's all tight and high, that there's no self-indulgent aspects to the work."

On the album release date: "We don't have a date that we can announce, but let me put it this way: I'm not gonna have much of a summer holiday because I'll be pretty busy."

On the album name: "The final working title is starting to get to the point where it's sticking, so hopefully very soon we can announce that."

On tour plans: "At the end of this year, I'm gonna be pretty busy."

That pretty much sums up the entire five-minute interview, but you can hear it for yourself on BBC2's website for the next seven days. It starts at about the 2:39:00 mark.

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